Our tagline here at Tribe Tesi is ‘embracing different narratives and stories’ – this is our conscious and intentional move where we’re trying to break down societal barriers through features and advertising for businesses and people who often go ‘unseen and unheard’. Our audience may have different reasons for reading Tribe Tesi, but what connects them is the spirit of empowerment, a desire to see diversity, a need for personal growth and a curiosity of wanting to know more. To help you successfully reach our unique audience, Tribe Tesi offers logo and website designs, events collaborations including sponsored posts (native advertising) and targeted banner ads.

Why should I offer advertising space when I have just launched (6th Feb 2023) this site? My previous blog started with 50 views a month and ended up getting over 2 million a year! This is why I believe I can do the same for Tribe Tesi!

If advertising isn’t what you need, please click here. If it is, then please keep reading the below.

Package For Small Business Or Brand

Sponsored Posts

If monthly packages aren’t for you, then consider investing in a sponsored post. These are paid blog posts written by me about specific products or brands. The goal of a sponsored blog is to write an article promoting you and your brand! Sponsored posts are effective and are a great way to reach your targeted audience. We charge a flat rate of £100 for each sponsored post.

Advertising with Tribe Tesi means working with someone who has been blogging for more than eleven years, and in that time succeeded in building a massive audience. It means working with someone who’s actually walked the talk.

Tribe Tesi Stats

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Are Any of Our Packages For You?

We will need the below information when emailing us:

  • Your name
  • Business/brand name & URL
  • Your business/brand logo
  • Short bio about you and your business/brand
  • Package & month you want to start at (billing starts on the 1st of every month)
  • Instagram ,Twitter (X), LinkedIn or Facebook handle (if any)

To take out a package with me or for a sponsored post, send us an email by clicking the link below with the subject “Advertising”.

T&C Of Advertising Slots

  • All invoice payments must be paid before the month your advertising is due to start. If payments have not been made before advertising starts, invoices will be cancelled and advertising terminated. Unfortunately I cannot offer refunds should you choose to terminate advertising.
  • Slots can’t be reserved and won’t be finalised until BACS payment has been received. They are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Two socials (Instagram, X – formerly Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) of your choice will be the used to promote your work.
  • Minimum contract length is 2 months.