My recent trip with Dan to HD Beach Resort & Spa in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, turned out to be a fantastic experience. Nestled by the pristine Las Cucharas beach, the resort was a haven for relaxation, even though I was dealing with a persistent bout of the flu. The consistent pleasant temperatures, hovering around 23 degrees, added a refreshing touch to the entire journey.

The dining experience was generally good, but there was a small hiccup with unlabelled food items. Working out the ingredients, especially for two people with dietary restrictions, became a bit challenging. Confirming whether a dish contained pork turned into a routine, making meals a tad longer.

HD Resort & Spa (photo by Salha Kaitesi)

Costa Teguise, a significant resort destination in Lanzarote, not only offered stunning panoramic views but also created a welcoming atmosphere. The gentle breeze and the soothing sound of waves enhanced the overall experience. Exploring the coastal paths and witnessing the mesmerising sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean became daily rituals, providing moments of tranquility and appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding the resort.

The standout feature, however, was the exceptional hospitality of the resort staff. Their warm reception and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction added a personal and uplifting touch. From suggesting local attractions to sharing insights on the best times to enjoy the spa and massage, the staff’s genuine care went beyond the typical hotel service, making the stay feel like a home away from home.

Our visit to Puerto del Carmen towards the end of the week offered a delightful afternoon filled with exploration and relaxation. This charming coastal town on Lanzarote’s southern coast provided the perfect mix of tranquillity and local charm. Bathed in the warm afternoon sun, Puerto del Carmen’s bustling waterfront promenade offered diverse experiences, from quaint shops to inviting cafes, all contributing to a laid-back ambiance. Discovering locally crafted souvenirs and Dan savouring freshly brewed coffee and hot chocolate for me in one of the seaside cafes added a touch of authenticity to the afternoon.

Puerto del Carmen (Photo by Salha Kaitesi)

The old town with its narrow cobblestone streets and charming architecture invited us to explore its cultural richness. Local boutiques, art galleries, and traditional eateries added to the town’s authentic and welcoming atmosphere. Puerto del Carmen’s unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and leisurely charm made it a captivating destination.

In summary, staying at HD Beach Resort & Spa in Costa Teguise was a blend of relaxation, exploration, and intriguing culinary experiences. The positive ambiance and warm hospitality made a lasting impression. Despite the flu challenges, Lanzarote’s allure prevailed, creating a desire for future returns filled with anticipation and joy.

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