Africa as a continent is known for their ‘Nyama Choma” or grilled meats and before we arrived in Rwanda, I had heard so much about Inka Steakhouse and so made sure we visited while there. To book a table, I contacted them via their Instagram account and was expected when we arrived.

Inka which means ‘cow‘ in Kinyarwanda, and this venue is Kigali’s most-talked about steakhouse. Specialising in all manner of steaks,  this was the ideal place to try out on New Year’s Day.  It wasn’t crowded which is what my date and I were hoping for. Having gone to bed early the previous night, the two of us could have been the only two people there who weren’t nursing a hungover.

It was an indulgent and high quality meal, with the steak cooked exactly as requestedDan Jefferson

New Year’s Day Lunch

Located in the tranquil neighbourhood of Kimuhurura in Kigali – the capital city of Rwanda.  Inka sits on what was formally a residential house. The service was good and the waiters paid great attention to our orders, which I have to say is a common thing in most restaurants in Kigali. January in Kigali was sunny with the temperature averaging between 21 and 25 degrees celsius.

Photo by Living In Kigali

We ordered drinks first, non- alcoholic mojitos. Our drinks were served with the most delicious fresh rolls that came with fresh butter. How delicious were those tiny rolls! My companion and I didn’t need any starters so we went straight for the mains.  Needless to say, we both ordered steak but didn’t get the ‘ different cuts show’ that friends had boasted about. As we waited on our order to be served, I took in my surroundings. Built on a terraced design, the Inka Steakhouse is contemporary and spacious. The decor was okay but I didn’t find it that attractive. Having said that, I can see it working if you choose to dine their during the night as they have a fire pit, the lights and the night stars of Kigali would gives a much better picturesque setting.

My Love – Photo by Salha Kaitesi

When our steaks arrived, we both found them to be seasoned and they were served with chips and condiments on the side which elevated the  the whole meal. My date’s steak was medium rare and mine was well done, just how I love it.  How do you like your steak? We both fully enjoyed our steaks and can wholeheartedly say, it was the best steak we have both had – be it in Kigali or right here in the UK!

Fortunately, my dining companion was not one to mess around when it came to ordering desert. He had a Tiramisu, and claims it’s the ‘freshest” he has ever tasted. I on the other hand took a bow after the main as I could not have anything else.

When it came to the bill, you can expect to pay around 73, 000 Rwanda Francs or the equivalent of £56 for two steaks with chips and condiments, 3 drinks and 1 desert.  Though this may seem a little pricey especially for Rwanda, it’s actually a rather reasonable fee for the quality and the calibre of the steaks that you receive.


  1. Tina Simbo Reply

    OMG! that made me salivate. You give such a vivid description – I feel as if I was there. Great review. I need to experience a steak like that.

    • Now I know for sure that you are a meat person. The last couple of conversations and this says so. Lol… Jokes aside, The steakhouse did do great steaks! Now you know a place to try out whenever you do visit Rwanda 🙂

  2. Uwase Barbara Reply

    This has made me miss Kigali so much and the steaks at Inka steakhouse hmmm

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