It’s only fitting to take a reflective pause and marvel at the experiences that defined last year. 2023 was a year painted with hues of learning, achievement, adventure, and meaningful connections, leaving an indelible mark on the chapters of my life.

Tribe Tesi Launch
The grand crescendo of 2023 was the triumphant launch of Tribe Tesi. Beyond being a personal blog, it evolved into a vibrant community where ideas converged and creativity flourished. The journey from inception to execution was an exhilarating ride that set the stage for exciting clients, partnerships and collaborations.

Intentional ‘Me’ Times
Amid the hustle, 2023 was marked by a commitment to intentional ‘me’ times. These moments of self-reflection and recharge became vital anchors, fostering personal growth and rediscovery. I always look forward to the next one.

Chai Adventures in Newcastle
The West End of Newcastle became a haven, with Chaiiwala offering its charm during frequent visits. A solo excursion to My Karak Chai provided a unique and introspective experience. These local adventures became threads woven into the fabric of daily life and reemphasised my love for the west end.

Chai Chai Chai Discovery
Discovering Chai Chai Chai alongside Claire and Chantelle created a special chapter of shared laughter and bonding. These moments of connection added depth to friendships, reminding me of the richness found in shared experiences.

Sticks & Stones Magazine Feature
A surreal moment unfolded as I found myself featured alongside remarkable Black women on the cover of Sticks & Stones magazine. This recognition not only celebrated individual achievements but also contributed to a larger narrative of empowerment and representation.

Global Reach
Last and by no means least, my blog has now found homes outside the United Kingdom as we now have audiences in the US, Ireland, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, China, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Germany to mention but a few. The ability to connect with individuals from different corners of the world emphasised the universal power of storytelling especially one that embraces different narratives and stories.

As we bid adieu to 2023, I carry these snapshots of success, connection, and self-discovery into the new year. The journey continues, and I look forward to embracing the opportunities, challenges, and moments of growth that lie ahead. Here’s to another year of triumphs and unforgettable experiences!

Photos by Salha Kaitesi

Thank you for reading and interacting with my blog!

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    Good insights. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I’ll definitely check back again. HNY!

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