In a world where snapping “selfies” has turned into a full-contact sport, it’s easy to overlook the marvellous marvel called sisterhood. Imagine this; in a land far, far away or right next door, there’s an African proverb that declares, “sisterhood is like a pot of jollof rice; it gets better when you add more spices!” 

Now, I’m not suggesting you start sprinkling paprika on your pals, unless they ask nicely ha! But in this era of “personal brand-building,” sisterhood is the unsuspecting superhero we all need. It’s like having your own personal cheerleading squad, except they show up not only when you’re conquering the world but also when you’re knee-deep in a Netflix binge of those guilty-pleasure rom- coms.  Sisterhood isn’t just about sharing genes, it’s about sharing the glorious chaos of life. It’s like having a permanent co-pilot for the wild rollercoaster ride we call existence. Whether you’re trying to pick the perfect Instagram filter or seeking counselling during a late-night cookie-craving crisis, sisters – whether by birth or by choice have got your back like nobody else. 

As Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie once penned in Purple Hibiscus, sisterhood is like a mystical potion made from the wisdom of the ages, condensed into one simple word. You can’t see it, hear it, or taste it, but you’ll feel it a hundred times a day. It’s a reassuring pat on the back, a smile that whispers, “you’ve got this!” 

Photo by Junior Reis

And then there’s Malorie Blackman, who brilliantly sums it up; sisterhood is the epic tale of women who prop each other up, who lift each other to great heights, who inspire bravery in one another. It’s a story we live, not just tell. 

So, dear friend, if you haven’t been a sister to a sister yet, it might be high time to make that cosmic connection. Go out there and find yourself a sister; the world is full of them, waiting to be your partner in this grand adventure called life.  Now, let’s raise a virtual glass or a smoothie, if that’s your thing to sisterhood! Here’s to the blend of support, empathy, and unstoppable growth that makes this friendship jollof so utterly delightful. Sending you all the love and light! 


  1. Nassima Mmanga Reply

    Kept me wanting to read more. Well done Dr Claire for both entertaining me as well as reminding of the finer things in life that come free. Eloquently written and thought out.

  2. Coming from the most supportive sister and nicely articulated! I beam with joy reading through. And yes I raise my glass to sisterhood always Dr Claire .
    Thank you

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