Research conducted a couple of years ago by Currys PC World looked into the tech that British people  simply couldn’t live without. Can you believe that this particular survey found that around 43 per cent of the population said they would never want to be parted from their television set! – Around 37 per cent felt they would be lost if they didn’t have their smartphone,  and 33 per cent couldn’t imagine not having a fridge. Laptops came in fourth place at 31 per cent and the kettle completed the top five with 29 per cent.

How Did We Do It Without Gadgets

Some 36 per cent of Brits also admitted to feeling separation anxiety when they didn’t have their favourite gadgets to hand (I think they are talking about me here).

With technology continuing to improve the at-home viewing experience, it’s easy to see why the TV has come out on top,’ ‘Our love of all things TV is so much that it’d appear we’d rather live without our fridges and vacuum cleaners than our small (or large!) screens.

I love technology and at  times feel like it’s a compulsory way of life in our world today. There are a lot of cool gadgets out there that we all use on a daily basis – some are essential while others are more of a luxury or treat to have while traveling, driving or in your homes and office. Big or small, cheap or expensive, gadgets play a huge impact in our lives and below you will find my top five electronic gadgets I can’t seem to live without.

Mobile Phone

My smartphone is the number one tech essential. I of course use it to make and answer calls but I can also use it to read and sometimes respond to emails while I am commuting on public transport. I also use it regularly as contactless payment method at supermarket and in other shops. My phone is also used for listening to music, ordering an Uber, WhatsApp messaging and all other social media platforms.


When it comes to work, my laptop comes at number one but number two in the overall ranking. I have always used Apple products and a MacBook Pro is my go to laptop. As a blogger, I also find that it is ideal for the sort of volume, and speed that it provides. The images are sharp and clear which is always an added bonus. the size is also perfect as it’s not heavy or chunky. Every now and again I also use the inbuilt dictation facility where I can just rumble on as it types for me with the intention of editing at a much later time.


How much does your electric kettle get used? As a nation, we still run on tea. It seems that in lockdown our national tea consumption doubled, meaning we were making an extra 111,972,000 cups of tea a day – almost three cups per person. When you factor in all the times we boil the kettle for cooking or cleaning, they work pretty hard during an average day. Being tea-total means drinking so much tea and this is why I think my kettle is most hardworking in my top five. That is why it’s well worth spending a little time and money choosing the right one for you as it works all day everyday – in my house at least.


If you know me, you will know that I always have earphones when I’m up and about. I like excellent sound quality and listening to music through my earphones is something I really enjoy. I frequently wear them on walks or when on the train or metro.  You could say the I wear them anywhere and everywhere when I am going from point a to be. I fondly also recall that when I was at university writing my essays and dissertations, I always found solace in listening to music to stop the distraction around me.


I am into keeping fit now and watching what I eat. To keep me on the straight and narrow, I started using a Fitbit – a fitness and activity tracker to monitor my heart rate, the distance I walk or run (yeah, I run these days lol). My Fitbit has become part of my life now as it keeps me on track with what I eat and how many times I exercise in a week. For the past year or so, this has been my way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle – something I never considered before. Isn’t it funny how something you never considered before can all of a sudden become so important in your life?  A bit too much you think? No.

I use many more garments in different aspects of my life but the above cut above the rest. How about you? What sort of garget do you depend on? Or even more interesting would be to find out if you don’t use any at all?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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